Saturday, August 1, 2009

Welcome to Boutique Choir Tours by Incantato

As the 2009 GALA Convention in Columbus, Ohio approaches, Incantato Tours & Concerts is proud to launch our newest blog Boutique Choir Tours by Incantato to highlight some of the exciting gay-friendly destinations for performance groups in Europe - with a special emphasize on Germany as the host country for the 2010 Gay Games.
In addition to the myriad of venues and festivals that my home country already offers for touring choirs, in 2010 the red carpet inviting GLTB choirs to come to Germany will be even longer, meaning the opportunities for concerts and exchanges with local groups have doubled if not tripled. And it is our mission to continue to establish meaningful relationship with local organizers and organization to provide your group with the best trip ever.
Incantato Tours & Concerts is proud to partner with Destination Germany, the German National Tourism Office, as a premier sponsor for the convention which we attend for the second time in a row as an exhibitor. For more information on Germany and why it is a wonderful place to visit for everyone, visit the Germany website
We are also thrilled to be a member of the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association. For more information on this wonderful organization, click here.